The perfect mix between self-study and coaching sessions with a Berlitz instructor

With Berlitz FLEX you combine the flexibility of the online learning with live online coaching sessions with Berlitz instructors. This is our latest, innovative and flexible solution to learn English, German, French or Spanish online, wherever you are and whenever you have time. You decide what pace is best for you and how much you want to learn each week. FLEX is designed to be the perfect solution for busy active professionals who want to improve their language skills.

Berlitz FLEX is offered in English, German and French for all levels from A1 (beginners) to B2 (Berlitz levels 1 to 8). In Spanish Berlitz FLEX is offered for levels A1 (beginners) and A2 (Berlitz levels 1 to 4).

With Berlitz FLEX you learn in your own time with on-demand activities designed for your level and receive one-on-one coaching from our native-fluent language experts.

With Berlitz FLEX you cover the language course following our direct and communicative Berlitz Method and our course materials. The main goal of our new solution is to provide true connections with our Berlitz instructors to practice real-life conversations, but to also be able to take advantage of the full flexibility of online self-learning and to choose for yourself which moment will be convenient for you to cover your online lessons.

Benefits of the Berlitz FLEX Blended learning

  • A unique and innovative way to study a language, offering you the freedom and flexibility to control when and how to learn
  • FLEX is offered in English, German, French or Spanish
  • Study at your own pace by completing on-demand activities.
  • We use our direct and communicative Berlitz Method and Berlitz course materials
  • You will be immersed in the target language 
  • Improve your pronunciation and speaking using our Speech recognition and live sessions with Berlitz instructors from around the world

Here is how you learn with Berlitz FLEX

  1. We start by an oral assessment of your level in the target laguage. You can have a 15min. conversation in English, German, French or Spanish with one of our Berlitz instructors and we will assess your start level.
  2. You set a start date for your Berlitz FLEX training and receive log-in details to MyBerlitz, your online learning portal.
  3. You study at your own pace by completing on-demand activities – do interactive exercises, watch videos led by a Berlitz teacher and record your spoken answers using the Speech Recognition. FLEX analyzes your responses and signals whether they are correct or not, incl. your pronunciation. Each lesson includes 40-60 minutes of self-study.
  4. When you’re ready to practice what you’ve learned, book a 30min. one-on-one live coaching session with a Berlitz instructor. The lessons are booked directly in FLEX, you don’t need to contact us. You can schedule your coaching session anytime, 24/7, Monday through Sunday, with a Berlitz instructor from our global team.
  5.  Boost your learning with extra activities and monitor your progress.
  6. Receive a Berlitz certificate at the end of the FLEX course.

Enroll to a Berlitz FLEX language course

Choose the best FLEX option depending on your goals and time. All you can learn subscription where in 6 or 12 months you can complete several Berlitz levels. 


Subscription English and Spanish German and French
6 months 738 lv. 798 lv.
12 months 1668 lv. 1728 lv.


To enroll to a Berlitz FLEX course:

  1. Contact us at [email protected] confirming your enrollment and start date, please include your names, email, phone number, language and subscription chosen
  2. Contact us at +359897 807817, to schedule a placement test – oral assessment of your level in the target language
  3. Make a payment of the FLEX subscription to our bank account: European center for training and technology EOOD, bank: UBB, BIC: UBBSBGSF, IBAN BG02UBBS80021033023450

Learn and language and have fun with Berlitz FLEX.

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