Speak Bulgarian with confidence

Anyone who has chosen to live in Bulgaria for a shorter or a longer period of time (vising friends, working or migrating as an expat, or just out of curiosity) would be able to get to know better the Bulgarian way of life, customs and mentality, if that person has the chance to communicate in Bulgarian.

Although most people in the big cities speak English and other foreign languages, the ability to speak Bulgarian will not only show respect for our country, but it will be of use in many everyday-life situations in Bulgaria.

The best way to learn a language is through speaking – the communication based instruction at Berlitz offers opportunities for ongoing practice and different exercises in the form of dialogues.

Benefits of learning Bulgarian at Berlitz Sofia

  • Focus on your speaking skills
  • Communication in Bulgarian from the very first class on, even with beginners
  • Interesting and practice-oriented language instruction guaranteeing fast results
  • First-rate Berlitz instructors
  • Fun while learning – leading to increased motivation
  • Flexible learning formats – individual classes or classes in small groups of up to 6 participants

Enroll now to our Bulgarian for beginners online course:

  • price – 695.00 leva
  • start date – 29th June 2021
  • schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 18:30-20:45 (local time)
  • online course via zoom.us
  • 4 to 6 participants

OR choose individual (one-to-one) course with a flexible start date and schedule – ENROLL NOW with 15% discount til 30th June 2021.

At Berlitz Sofia you choose the most suitable and convenient Bulgarian course for you:

At Berlitz Sofia we will choose together the most suitable program for you and will tailor your course to best meet your needs.

Basic and functional level courses

The Berlitz courses for beginners programs will help you deal with a variety of everyday situations such as:

  • Talking about yourself, your family, your home country, job, hobbies and interests, etc.
  • To go shopping
  • To invite friends and to plan a trip
  • To use administrative, financial and banking services, healthcare etc.
  • Making personal or work-related phone calls
  • Voicing a personal opinion and making various recommendations

Courses for intermediate and advanced learners

Mastering Bulgarian means accumulating grammar knowledge and useful expressions, as well as the ability to speak freely and confidently in personal or professional situations.
The Berlitz programs for advanced learners will develop the skills and abilities supported by the necessary knowledge you will need for your professional or personal development such as:

  • Discussing current news and trending topics
  • Talking about holidays, traditions and culture
  • Be aware of historical facts, economy and development
  • Managing problem situations

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