Our Exclusive Berlitz Method®

Learn quickly, with natural ease

The Berlitz Method® is a natural way to learn a new language. When it was introduced in 1878, this intuitive, conversational style of teaching revolutionized language instruction. Today, our proven, effective Berlitz direct method has become the industry standard for language instruction, and remains at the core of our company’s teaching approach.

What do you achieve with the Berlitz Method?

Talk and think in the new language

With the Berlitz Method®, all communication during class takes place in the target language. Instructors are native speakers and use a conversational approach based on listening and speaking. An immersive environment encourages learners to quickly develop their skills in oral communication. Even beginners can formulate simple sentences from the very first lesson

Develop spontaneous responses

Our method was conceived to allow learners to speak– the rationale being that students will be able to work out grammatical rules from the input language provided, without necessarily being able to explain the rules overtly. Learners take on the new language the same way they did their first- with natural ease.

Self-confidence when using the new language

At the core of our method is maximized and active students’ participation. Only by speaking actively, learners will be able to communicate in the new language quickly. Our teachers are trained to create a positive and comfortable learning environment. They ensure that students feel confident, that the level is appropriate and that the atmosphere encourages communication.

Actively learning grammar

Your instructors will guide and support you through your learning process while balancing between your fluency and accuracy. There are no dry and monotonous grammar exercises. Instead, you learn grammar by actively speaking and applying grammar rules in the context of various situations – a more natural approach “by intuition”.

The 5 principles of the Berlitz Method®:

  • Goal oriented, lively instruction, focused on student’s need
  • Maximum student participation
  • Exclusive use of the target language
  • Learning through listening and speaking, supported by reading and writing
  • Grammar learned as means of communication


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