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In the fast-paced modern world it is sometimes challenging to organize a training – individual or group – due to the dynamic work responsibilities and frequent business travels of your employees. Our solutions for online learning can help your employees boost their language needs and manage the workload at the same time.

Berlitz Virtual Classroom

Virtual instruction from Berlitz is an optimal way to fit your language lessons into your employees schedule, even when work requires significant amounts of travel – all you need is internet connection. During the virtual training your employees participate actively, have a lot of speaking time for dialogues and role plays which help them improve their speaking skills, grammar and vocabulary. The virtual instruction can be organized as one-to-one individual lessons or as virtual corporate group lessons (for 3 to 5 participants).

Berlitz learning materials are chosen to best fit the professional goals of the participants. The company receives constant feedback, attendance reports, as well as reports on the progress of each participant. The flexibility of the Virtual instruction together with the communicative Berlitz Method are the key elements for the professional success of your employees.

The benefits of Berlitz Virtual Classroom

  • One-to-one or small group live lessons from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Native speaker instructor with business experience
  • Defined syllabus, progress checks and final tests, for success you can measure
  • Flexible schedule and no travel time
  • Lessons can be repeated at any time thanks to the record function

e-Learning – CyberTeachers

Our online program offers unlimited self-study content for language learning. Learners can practice freely, 24/7. The e-Learning program– CyberTeachers is a perfect tool for improving your employees’ language skills with maximum flexibility. Upon subscription, trainees take an online language audit. Then, a personalized course plan is prepared for each individual, taking into account their language level, learning objectives and preferences. Learners benefit from unlimited access to the platform and can work daily on new and engaging content designed to keep them motivated and help them achieve their language goals.

Benefits of our e-Learning courses

  • Available for 6 target languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch
  • E-lesson program personalized to each individual’s job profile and goals
  • Multi-device course, accessible from computers, smartphones or tablets
  • Comprehensive monitoring tools available for both learners and managers
  • The Premium version –CyberTeachers Live, offers live tutors available 24/7 and live classes in chat rooms with a trainer and other users

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