Upgrade the business skills of your employees

Targeted programs for high results

Berlitz Business courses and workshops are ideal for any member of your organization who wants to communicate more effectively in a business context and wants to be equipped with the skills needed to face the global challenges.

Our business programs are suitable for participants in the Intermediate to Upper Intermediate level. They combine various business topics such as management, market surveys, business analysis, conference calls, Human Resources, Customer Service etc.

Business courses and workshops

The Berlitz Business courses and workshops are designed to improve a specific business skill. Each of the modules can be covered as a workshop course or combined with a General language program.

E-mail and Business communication

The students improve their skill to write effective business correspondence – emails, memos, business reports that hit the right note.


Learners practice how to participate in the most effective way in business meetings – with foreign colleagues and customers in order to achieve their business goals.

Social Situations for Business

Improve the communicative and networking skills of your employees in various social situations within a business setting.

Customer Service

Students get prepared to meet and exceed the customer expectations and learn how to provide excellent customer service.


Participants learn how to be more confident when giving or attending a business presentation.


Learners practice how to prepare themselves for a business negotiation, how to handle conflicts and difficult situations in order to reach a successful conclusion.

English for Accountling

Terms and useful topics related to accounting.

English for Human Resources

Terms and useful topics related to the field of HR.

English for Sales and Purchasing

Useful topics, role plays and real-life situations from the sales field.

English for Marketing and Advertising

Useful expressions and advices for effective marketing strategies.

Apart from the business courses Berlitz offers specialized courses for::


Learn how to pronounce like a native English speaker.

Social Situations

Learn how to be more confident in everyday intercultural or social interactions.

Arts and Entertainment

Enrich your vocabulary when discussing various topics related to music, literature and entertainment..

Benefits of business courses and workshops

  • Interactive and goal-oriented training
  • Role plays, discussions and real case studies are included
  • You choose the topics related to your professional goals
  • Courses are led by qualified Berlitz instructors with business background

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