Leverage Your Global Communication Competencies

with guaranteed Return on Training

Berlitz has a great deal of experience implementing training plans in companies of different sizes and industries worldwide. We fully understand the needs and requirements of our clients and are committed to making your employees well versed when communicating in a global environment.

Customization is key to learning success

Your training plan should be unique and fully designed to respond to your specific business needs. Berlitz offers a high degree of customization, including:

  • Multiple delivery platforms: Berlitz is one of the few companies capable of offering the same course quality through a large variety of channels: face-to-face courses (individual or group), virtual classrooms, telephone lessons, e-Learning and mobile apps;
  • Personalized training material: Berlitz offers different degrees of personalization, ranging from compiling job-specific units to the full individualization of the entire course content to your industry (or even to your company).

Successful communication goes beyond languages

Besides the language programs, Berlitz offers complementary intercultural and leadership training solutions. Your employees understand the challenges caused by cultural differences and are prepared for increased global business efficiency.

Flexibility in all the aspects of the training program

We offer you a large choice of training formats so the courses are easily integrated into your busy employee’s schedules as well as in your company’s budget. Courses are available in-company, in one of our language centers or via our innovative virtual platforms.

Guarantee of quality and Return on Training

Berlitz is a global company with operations in more than 70 countries. Your employees located in different parts of the country or the world can access the same exact training quality, with identical standards and specifications. In order to maximize success of your trainings, we will provide you with: one single point of contact, support in all the steps of the training process: needs analysis, design of training plans, launch of trainings (including internal communication), monitoring and final assessment.

Thanks to our global footprint, the proven effectiveness of our teaching method, and our quality control procedure, we can ensure effective learning and guarantee the ROI of your training initiatives. For more information on our Corporate Training Solutions, contact  Berlitz Sofia today.

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