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Expat programs

Berlitz can help your company face the challenges of doing business globally and in specific countries. Cultural differences can contribute to decreased productivity and cause misunderstandings and conflicts. The Berlitz Intercultural tools are designed for managers of multicultural teams, expats, frequent business travelers, short-term assignees, and others who do business in an unfamiliar region or country and want to optimize their cross-cultural skills. 

Berlitz Expatriation Coaching programs

The Berlitz Expatriation Coaching programs deal with the unique set of challenges caused by international relocation.

The training modules touch upon topics such as: adapting to a new culture, relocating families, attaining professional goals in a changing political and social structure, and other hurdles unique to each individual. 

Coaching for Expatriates

A non-trained expat could seriously endanger your ROI as they may take up to one year to adjust and fully perform. The expatriation coaching training program allows expatriates to quickly leverage their cultural sensitivity, develop skills to perform in the new international business environment and avoid the stress caused by cultural misunderstandings.

Berlitz delivers also programs and learning plans for learning Bulgarian for foreigners – One-to-One flexible programs or Small Group courses.

Coaching for Expatriates’ Families

One the most common reasons for the failure of an expatriation is poor family adjustment. The dissatisfaction of partners and children can bring an assignee’s time abroad to a premature end. Our coaching programs for spouses and children aim at mentoring and accompanying the family members to be effective and satisfied in the new country.

The special programs for Bulgarian for foreigners are focusing on the speaking abilities of the learner in everyday situations.

Berlitz Cultural Navigator® 

Our online platform for Intercultural Training delivers timely cultural intelligence for management and business practices across cultures. Your employees obtain critical market knowledge to conduct business on an international scale. The program focuses on understanding the impact of culture in the workplace and targets managers and employees working in a global arena. With this knowledge, employees can strengthen credibility, communication, relationships and collaboration.

Cultural Orientations Indicator® (COI)

This personal assessment tool identifies an individual’s area of potential cultural difference and recommends behavioral adjustments to a specific country. The COI generates targeted comparisons and analysis of cultural gaps and provides a detailed tutorial to help intensify cultural sensitivity.

Berlitz Cultural and Leadership Training

Berlitz Cultural and Leadership Training is a suite of capability development solutions which equips Global Leaders with the skills they need for global success. For international success in the present day, Berlitz – and its many clients – understand that simply acquiring language skills is not enough. Our programs address the three components that impact employee effectiveness when conducting international business: corporate culture, national culture and the individual perspective. Berlitz Global Leadership Training provides competitive competency development in three key areas: Communication, Culture, Leadership.

Executives learn strategies, techniques, and approaches to effectively lead in international business situations and achieve a high level of global competency in problem solving, decision-making, and knowledge management. Our cultural programs are ideal for small business owners, large corporate clients with staff relocating abroad or who have recently arrived. On a worldwide scale, Berlitz also provides extensive cultural training for governments, embassies and diplomats, general managers and families preparing for living and working in a new host country. Berlitz Cross-Cultural solutions are customized to suit each situation in order to better understand new cultural rules, taboos, office conduct, customs, business ethics and style of effective communication and interaction that will improve your ability to work with different cultures.

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