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English for Teens Age 16+

Give your kids the confidence to speak another language and to achieve their goals

For your child, the Berlitz experience is completely unlike school – there’s no pressure or rote memorization, just plenty of fun and lots of motivation!

Berlitz Kids and Teens programs encourage intellectual development, introduce a global perspective, and can enhance your child’s future career opportunities. Research has shown that childhood is the best time to learn a language. With fewer inhibitions than adults, children can absorb the nuances of a foreign language and they’re often able to speak without an accent.

Our programs in English allow students to grow their confidence in their new language, keeping them actively engaged through conversation. Berlitz instructors work to ensure a comfortable, fun atmosphere that is conducive to learning. Students are encouraged to interact with their fellow students, improving their abilities to navigate a group setting and build social skills. A lot of speaking time and fun activities are key elements of the English lessons.

Contact Berlitz Sofia at +359 897807817 for updated information of Group lessons in German, French, Spanish and Bulgarian for Kids&Teens.

You can decide between Individual or Small group classes; at Berlitz or Online course.

Berlitz Explore language programs (kids ages 8-11)

The Berlitz English language course for kids will create a richly imaginative environment where kids are invited to explore the world around them. This is a true hands-on experience for your child that will serve them well in our international world. Using age-appropriate content developed in collaboration with National Geographic and other renowned publishers, Berlitz Explore program expands their horizons and teaches them valuable communication skills. Kids are engaged and motivated whilst developing their ability to speak English. It’s a colorful and meaningful insight into the diverse world they call home!

Your child uses the student book, CD, workbook and multimedia materials to consolidate their understanding of what they learn during and after the English lessons. Children also learn fun and fascinating information from amazing pictures and special videos. The course topics help them understand the importance of international co-operation and dialogue, while maintaining friendships and continuously improving their language skills and confidence in English.

The benefits of the Berlitz Explore language programs

  • Age-appropriate language program, designed for children ages 8-11
  • Qualified native-fluent speaker teachers specializing in child education
  • Kids are encouraged to speak the majority of the time during lessons
  • Self-study support through student book, workbook, CD and multimedia activities
  • Individual, Semi-individual English lessons or in a small group of 4 to 6 kids, at Berlitz or Live Online


Berlitz Achieve English language courses for Teens 12+ years

The Berlitz Achieve program stimulates, challenges and gives teenagers ages 12+ an intercultural perspective. Berlitz has worked with National Geographic and other renowned international publishers to develop course materials that engage students and stimulate them to speak the English at all times. Courses present topics that interest teens in areas such as culture, history and science. More than just a English language program, Berlitz Achieve program provides the foundation for a teen’s life after school, teaching them valuable communication skills that will last a lifetime. By the end of program you will be impressed when you see how confidently teens speak can speak English.

For language courses in German, French, Spanish or Bulgarian please contact Berlitz Sofia at +359 897807817.

Berlitz Achieve features

  • A strong focus on active conversation and communication skills
  • Interesting and challenging content developed with National Geographic or other
  • Native-fluent speaker trainers encourage use of English or the target language only
  • Language immersion using the tried-and-trusted Berlitz Method®
  • Classes provide greater opportunities for your child to participate
  • Individual, Semi-Individual or small group (4 to 6 students) classes, at Berlitz or Live Online for English

Berlitz Live Online language courses for Kids&Teens (English and Spanish)

In 2021 we have developed an entirely online course for kids and teens. How is our Live Online program better than the regular online courses?

We have added a few benefits:

  • Gamification as a learning method​​
  • Engagement of students achieved by striving to win – challenging themselves and each other – competing. ​
  • Attractive and varied games stimulate concentration, active participation and communication.
  • Metagame reward system to trigger motivation and keep students attending classes. It creates an environment of a journey, a quest, a challenge, rather than a feeling of a traditional course. ​

Course schedules for 2022/2023 school year

The English group courses for kids&teens aged 8-15 years will start in October 2021 and will finish in June 2022 with the following schedule:

  • 60min. lessons 2 times per week –  between between 11am and 12pm / between 2pm and 3pm / between 5pm and 6pm   OR
  • 90min. lessons 1 time per week on Saturday, before noon

The full price for the language course is 1082.00 leva (course materials and final certificate included). The amount can be paid in full or in monthly installments.

Lessons are held: Sofia, 68 Tsar Asen str. (next to NDK) or online via zoom.us, if needed.

If your child has some previous knowledge in the language, we can organize a free placement test (short conversation in the target language). Please reach us at +359 897 807817 to schedule an appointment and a placement test.

This year we are adding a new proposal: French, German or Spanish for Kids and Teens, Language course Bulgarian for kids, who have lived outside of Bulgaria and now need to speak Bulgarian. 

Open House Days will be held in September 2022 for planning the next school year 2022/2023.

Contact Berlitz Sofia for more information.

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